Daylight savings is a thumbs down

Daylight savings only does one thing for us … it makes it dark in the mornings. Just last week we were enjoying the sun coming up during the 2nd run group. However this morning we had to sport the headlamps for all of the workout. 

After the run groups the squad met at the west steps for a buddy workout. This mornings workout consisted of 5 rounds with a run to and from the Capitol building for a high five to the wall. 

Each round consisted of 10 hoisties, 20 push-ups with a hand slap and 30 sit ups with a high ten. 

The crew represented today doing some awesome work. Crush the rest of your Wednesday. 

Roosters …

Friday is all about destination Fridays, when we find a local area within the Downtown Sacramento area and do our workout there.

After the 5:30 and 6AM run groups, we headed to the IMAX area to get our workout in. This mornings workout was four rounds of 30 reps of squats, sits ups, bear crawls and crab walks followed by a run to the “KAY” sign and back.

This morning we found out one of our normals has a tattoo. He has a tattoo of a rooster. So you could only imagine the conversations on where they moved onto. In true inappropriate Friday we kept everything clean.

Great job everyone on crushing the workout! Have a great weekend and all the best to everyone running races this weekend.

From the steps to the walls 

It’s Wednesday so we roll out of bed and show up! Yes the toughest thing isn’t just the workout or the run, it’s often times just waking up, getting your shoes on and actually showing up. 

However, if you are able to get out of bed and show up, pure awesomeness happens with some crazy conversations and silly antics while getting fit and having fun. 

This morning we showed up at 5:30,6 and 6:25 did the running groups and then smashed the west steps workout. The running is running, but the west steps workout this morning was the old and original version of deck of cards! Faces and Aces are 11 reps while each numbered cards equals that rep count. The movements for this morning were push-ups, sit ups and squats. After each set was performed individuals ran up the west steps and tagged the west wall of the Capitol building. 

New faces from different places

This morning the weather was great for getting our sweat on! We also said hello to some new and old faces. We experienced the causal attendance of Judy, who found a way to stop by, making her visit and getting her dose of 9RUN6 on to last for the next two months.

We also welcomed Nicole and Margaret to their first 9RUN6 workouts. Nicole was introduced to the group by Katie. While Margaret made a visit while visiting family here in Sacramento. She is part of the PDX (Portland) group making the NP Pledge. We wish them all the best in becoming part of the November Project.

With the normal run groups meeting this morning, we were honored to witness another graduating class of the CHP as they made their run from the academy to the State Capitol building.

For the 6:25 west steps crew we did an awesome partner workout that challenged the group. Challenging each group that no one was able to finish the workout before the 7AM end time.

Great job everyone! Have a great rest of the week.

Stair ways and birthdays

First a shout out to our dude Brad! Happy Birthday. 

Today the crew gathered and got the runs in then destinationed to the Sacramento Convention Center. 

There we hit the stairs and did a remix of push ups, squats and sit-ups. It was an enjoyable workout with the sun shinning even though the cold was hitting us. Let’s hope for more good weather since the rain has been pouring down on our workouts over the last few months. 

Great job everyone and have a kick ass weekend. 

Wait … What did you ask?

If you were to walk up to a conversation and you heard … “How deep do you go when you go down?” … Yes, that was actually something that was brought up this morning during the run group. The question actually had to do with how deep Courtney dives for work because she is an underwater archeologist, when she isn’t running, cycling or brewing beer …

That is the shit that goes on when you show up for a morning run and workout at 5:30, 6:00 or 6:25AM …

See there is some craziness that goes on at our workouts and runs.

Also screw all the details about the workouts today, because we got the custom tubular bandannas! So check them out!

finally no rain

The crew gathered this morning as we normally do with the 5:30, 6 and 6:25AM crews that run, do funky workouts, or all of the above. The difference between today and other mornings is the fact that the skies were pretty clear, the sidewalks we normally have been stomping were dry, and the sun was coming up during the workout.

Needless to say the morning groups were exciting because not just of the people who show up because we are always awesome, but because Mother Nature came out to give us some love too!

After the 2 run groups that gathers at 10th & N Street, it was time for the Wednesday West Steps workout. On tap today was the ping pong ball workout, each one was picked then a lap around the west square was completed.

We do have some good news … well I know we have heard it for 2 weeks … The custom tubular bandanas are scheduled to be delivered today!!!! That means Friday for those of you that are at the workout will get it! Others will get them mailed to them if needed.

The one Friday the 5k was smashed!



So today was the final 5k in the challenge that was thrown out to one of our awesome peeps Courtney. The challenge was to run a 5k two weeks back, that was set by some of her friends remotely in Las Vegas, then take a leave of absence from adult beverages then run another 5k two weeks later.

When we ran the first 5k a couple of weeks back, Courtney had a cold and just dropped her watch into the porcelain black hole, aka the toilet. So things weren’t the perfect conditions for her, but she still got through the 3 loops around the State Capitol. Her time for the 5k was about 28:xx.

Now fast forward to this morning, still no watch but using her strava on her phone like she did two weeks back, and still another cold on her. We toed the line on the corner of 10th & N Street. We headed out for the first loop covering the mile pretty quickly, mind you we stuck as a group to help Courtney get around the 5k. This is what the group is all about, it is helping others reach their goals while chasing our individuals goals at the same time.

The second loop then was about to go, which was a little slower, and this typically happens in most 5k races.

The 3rd loop was next and it was about just running this one out. Boom and there it was a 26:xx finishing time! Bettering her time by two minutes. Which is also a PR from her official time of 27:xx minutes! Perhaps it is time to sign up for a 5k!

On another note … there was an early exchange of text messages with McRunner, who informed us that he wasn’t going to make it. We know that he has another workout group of friends that he connects with, so we decided to call him out …



Have a great weekend everyone and crush it!

Wash your hands!

Today’s morning message was about hygiene! Yes people it is important, make sure to wash your hands all the time. If you are confused about today’s PSA, ask anyone who attended to the workout for more information.

With the non-rain and wind free morning, we had a chance to bring out some of our workout props … like cards. Because trust us when the wind is blowing, it is a cluster F@#$ chasing down playing cards during a workout, however that doesn’t count out doing a really awesome version of 52 card pick-up in the future.

The conversations are really awkward at times during the morning workouts, which always making coming out in the morning a blast along with getting your fair share of lunges, jumping jacks, squats, and burpees out of the way along with some running of course.

Everyone did a great job this morning and we hope that it carries with you through the rest of the day. Have a fantastic Wednesday and see you on Friday.



Wind blowing, puddles on the ground and rain in our faces … we don’t care we still workout!

The squad this morning was small but nonetheless we still kicked the workout in the mouth with a 100 workout. 100 pushups. 100 sit ups. 100 squats. 100 leg lifts. 100 lunges. BOOM.

So while doing some Strava stalking I came across one of our workout faithfuls to see he didn’t join us but he still got a run in … That person would be Brad 1.0 … I thought maybe he slept in … nope not the case … his run according to Strava was at 5AM …

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 9.50.54 AM.png

Glad to see him still get a run in on the treadmill, but in true 9RUN6 fashion we had to bust his balls …

Have a great weekend everyone!