Throwing down some dice 

The morning crew got out and did work! The heat started early this morning in Sacramento… and we aren’t talking the temperatures. We are taking about pushing some paces of the first group run at 5:30AM. 

The first run was the to race the loop where we pushed the pace for the first crew. 

The second run was more chill with out sightseeing pace through Old Sac before the 6:25AM workout at the roundabout for the destination Friday workout. 

Today’s workout involved dice. Each individual threw down the dice and the number it corresponded with was the exercise. We worked for for solid 30 minutes with the movements and running around the roundabout. 

Worser is the word of the day

The morning crew started strong this morning with 10 people showing up at 5:30AM to get their run on down N Street to the Promenade and heading south. Once we hit the freeway we turned around and picked up the 6AM crew at the 10th & N Street corner to make our way onto Old Sac and back to the West Steps for the 6:25 workout.

At some point during the morning as Brad was waking up he used the term “worser”, so clearly we need a Speecher (a teacher who teaches speech) to join the group. Know one? Bring them out on Friday.

The workout today was the deck of cards from hell, which wasn’t so bad … kidding … for some reason it was tougher than normal, perhaps because most people were pulling burpees. However we brought the music back, using a better blue tooth speaker which had the music blasting. So a big shout out to Wicked Audio for hooking us up with some new equipment to bump our beats.

A couple of reminders of upcoming field trips:

June 4, 2017 Sunday – 2:30-3:30 PM Health and Wellness Fair featuring 9RUN6. More info:  We also need some help manning the 9RUN6 booth to try to recruit new faces to the community.

June 24, 2017 Saturday – Western States 100 cheering at Forest Hill.

July 23, 2017 Sunday – Blood Sweat and Beers – haven’t registered yet? Here is the link to get in on the fun.

Race the loop

This morning the crew came out and was ready to do WORK! When 5:30AM rolled around the first run group took on the loop a 3.3 mile loop that starts at the corner of 10th & N Street heads towards the river, running south until the Miller Park entry where turn left then left onto Front Street where we head back down to N street and back to the corner of 10th & N. The kicker on this is being able to run it under 30 minutes so for most of the crew there is a need to really push the run even with the stop lights in order to get back for the 6AM squad meet up.

The 6AM squad moved along with a 2 miler out and over the Tower Bridge and back to the West Steps along Capitol Mall.

Then came the 6:25AM rolling around we headed to our Destination Friday workout to the Memorial Auditorium where we did 10 reps of pushups, sitsup, box jumps and squats. After each set a blocks distance run was made from 15th to 16th where the reps were repeated for a total of 10 sets. After the workout was smashed it was time to head back to the west steps of the Capitol.

Great job everyone! Have a fun filled weekend.

Court Jesters


This morning the crew was fairly small and consisted only of dudes. With the 5:30 and 6AM runs … Then for the 6:25AM workout we took it to Roosevelt Park where hoop dreams are made.

For this workout we pulled out the ping pong balls, though we probably would have rather had a real full size basketball. With the fairly new Sacramento Kings court at Roosevelt Park we bounced some balls, caught them, did some body weight movements, and ran a little. The workout was pretty simple and low key put challenging when all the movements start to add up.

Great job to everyone that came out this week to a workout, have a kick ass weekend and see you next Wednesday for the next workout.

The sun is shining

The weather is moving into the warm temperatures here in Sacramento, so getting out and getting our daily dose of sweat in the morning has been fantastic. The crew made it out for the normal run groups and times. This time however, we changed up our run course as we headed out along the Sacramento River for an out and back run. With the sun shining earlier the running along the river makes it for a safer run along that route.

Today we saw an old face join us once again as Ernesto (aka Cakes) came out. For the workout this morning we did the Deck of Cards from Hell. Each card of the 52 card deck having a different movement written on it. After each exercise was performed a run of about 40 yards out and back was completed.

Great job everyone and crush the rest of your Wednesday!

Adam talks Philly

So on occasion we get people visiting from out of town who try to find running groups in Sacramento. Then they get stuck with us. Adam welcomed out Philly visitor with talking about Philly and how he knew all of the land. We think at one point Adam might have been the mayor of Philly that is why he loves it so much.

Today we welcomed Mikki from Philly to our workout who says she is going to come back later in the week, we shall see. Though we think she will be joining us again.

Today’s run groups took us to the normal loops around the 5th & 6th Street hills, then out to Old Sacramento before getting to the 6:25AM west steps workout. The workout for this morning was the fun and enjoyable ping pong workout.

This workout is where people grab a ball from the bag, bounce it, then grab another one out of the air. The one they grab is the exercise you have to perform. This is followed with a run around the west lawn then repeated again until we get to the 7AM hour, when we call it a morning.

Also we want to give our friend Alexia a HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out!

Great job everyone and have a kick ass rest of the day.

RUN BMC will be leading the workout on Friday so we hope he doesn’t screw that one up.

We love this weather

Destination Friday comes around and we love the workouts that kick off the weekend. This morning we really pushed the miles and paces this morning. We had the normal run groups and then we brought back the #breakFASTclub destination workouts.

The #breakFASTclub workouts bring in more run at higher speeds. Last week we did the hill sprints, today we did 60 second intervals with any moving exercise for another 60 seconds which totaled for 20 minutes.

The running intervals were run at a hard pace and the exercises people had the freedom to select any exercise they wanted to pick as long as they did it for 1 minute.

Great job in crushing the workout this morning everyone from the running to the intervals.

My Boston Experience by Alexia Poon

My journey to the Boston Marathon… One of 30,000 people to run in one of the greatest races of all time. If you asked me a year ago if I would ever run the Boston Marathon, my response would be, “No!”.

Here it is…

Friday-Saturday, April 14-15, 2017- Day 1/2 and 1

I made my way to the Phoenix International Airport. I was flying red eye and was not thrilled about it. Ethan met me in Phoenix and we flew Phily to Boston together. Having him around always makes things better.

We arrive to Boston around 10:00 a.m. Running on just a few hours of sleep, we were ready to tackle our busy day.


First, we check-in. We stayed in a cute little Airbnb apartment at the North End of Boston (AKA little Italy). Got a quick run in and we were ready to explore! We grabbed a much need lunch, following with a cannoli from Maria’s. We walked around a more, relaxed by the waterfront, and then were then off to our duck tour.

The duck tour was a ton of fun. We explored Boston and had the best tour guide! There were a few kids quacking their little quackers that they got before starting the tour… Lets just say that was great birth control. Cute kids though.

After the duck tour, looking like a hot mess… we went out for dinner– Italian food, Prezza was the name. My one ravioli was good… I’ll leave it at that.

Sunday, April 16, 2017- Day 2

Feeling well rested, Ethan and I started our morning with a nice and easy shake out run. Came back to the apartment and we were out the door for some break

The Cozy Corner

fast. We went to a cute, Italian, family owned breakfast spot called Theo’s Cozy Corner. This place lived up to its name. It was cozy and in a corner. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was great.

From there we were off to John Haynes Veterans Memorial Center for package pick-up/expo. The lines were long but moved quickly (thank goodness).

It was getting real! Once I received my bib and goodie bag (by the way, a big thank you to all the volunteers who helped at this event!!! You are all incredible!) I was ready to take on the big ass expo.

The first thing that I made sure I did was to buy a finisher jacket, duh! Ethan also let me pick out a few goodies for my birthday. My gosh, I love that man! I then wanted to hit up the Zensah booth because I mean… who wouldn’t? I was able to chat it up with Alberto and cop myself a new pair of compression socks.

We then made our rounds. I bought a few more things, got some Nuun, then realized that we did not want to walk anymore so we called it quits. It was fun but I was not about the walking.

After that, I wanted to check out heartbreak hill and go to Harvard so that’s what we did. We got a lyft and were head to our next destination(s). We had the best lyft driver by the way. He took us along the course for Monday. Once we got to heartbreak hill and I was in one of those, “I can’t even” moments. I did not want to look at it anymore so we took off to Harvard. We explored the beautiful campus and were ready for lunch. We didn’t want to walk a ton considering I was going to be running 26.2 in less than 24 hours.

We end up at a cute spot called, Grafton Street Pub & Grill in Cambridge, MA. Yummy food to say the least!

Making our way back to Boylston, we decided to check out Runbase, Janji pop-up, and Tracksmith! I was able to pick up my Tracksmith BQ singlet and another expensive shirt (so worth it).

Once I realized I was broke, we then headed to the finish to snap a few photos before getting a lyft back to the apartment to relax before Ethan and I headed out for our date night!

We had Italian, again! We love our pasta (Run all the miles, eat all the carbs)! We went to Ristorante Saraceno, a very cute restaurant with delicious food. Once dinner was over we headed to Mike’s Pastry for some AMAZING cannoli’s. I mean these cannolis are AMAZING! We took a few back to the apartment and grubbed before getting ready for bed. (Not sure if you notice, but I talk about food a lot!)

I obviously prepared the night before race day and got the flat runner going.

Monday, April 17, 2017- Day 3 RACE DAY!

I woke up so nervous but SO EXCITED. We were up early to eat and head to Boston Common for the bus pick up. Ethan and I hung out for a bit before he sent me off…

It was time to load the bus and take off to the start, Hopkins, MA. There were so many enthusiastic and positive runners on the bus. Some were running their 5th Boston Marathon and some were running their first; it was great to hear their stories. I was having all the feels, filled with emotion, and just wanted to get to athlete’s village!


Finally, we arrived, 45 minutes later (meanwhile I was thinking, “Dang, this is far! LOL”) Back on track… there were so many runners; it was overwhelming but so amazing. It is 10:05 a.m. and it’s time to walk to the start. I met a few people on the way who were so nice and from Cali- they qualified at CIM! Talking to them put me at ease. Snapping photos along the way, I knew I was ready.

I find my corral and was just so giddy. I had a feeling that I have never felt before. A feeling that I just cannot explain. I had a ton of thoughts running through my head at this point, I wanted so badly to qualify for Boston again. That is what I trained for! But then I remembered the most important thing… I wanted to enjoy the experience and not think about my result because I mean, you can only experience your first Boston ONCE. Also, the running conditions were not ideal (about 70 degrees when I stated at 10:50 a.m.) though it is not an excuse!


*Boom* The gun fires and the runners are off. I wanted to make sure that I did not start out too fast, nice and steady was the goal, and I did just that. All of the spectators on the course were so amazing… They were loud and so encouraging. I felt like a celebrity!


The race was going as plan. I was on pace for the 13.1 miles. As time past, I was feeling the heat. Things were not feeling right. Mile 13 I was feeling some pull in my quads due to the down hill and slight up-hills. By the time mile 17 hit my right quad was done. Pretty sure it was pulled or strained. The downhills killed me. I wanted to give up so badly. I needed something to help me pull through… then I thought about a few things. “What would you tell your athletes if they felt like giving up?– YOU GOT THIS, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, YOU WORKED TOO HARD TO QUIT!” and also, “Hello?! You have an amazing man waiting for you at mile 19-20 (heartbreak hill).” 😉

At this point, I was let go. I was high-fiving everyone, eating popsicles, and gummy bears. I was enjoying myself. I was enjoying myself so much that once I started running up heartbreak hill, I had no idea that I was on heartbreak! Then I see Ethan, my gosh I felt like my world turned upside down. I was so happy to see this amazing man. He gave me a little kiss and told me, “You can do it!!! I love you!!” Maybe those were not his exact words but I remember what I want to remember! Haha.

I said, “I will see you at the finish!” and I was off. Making my way up heartbreak. The students at Boston College were cray but so awesome! Though I wanted to gag because off all the beer they were drinking, it was awesome!

I made it down heartbreak and it was on like donkey Kong. I pushed and I cried but I enjoyed every second. As I got closer, I saw the “Boston Strong” along the freeway and for whatever reason, I felt like a bad ass.

Then I saw the Citgo sign… tearing up because I knew I just had a right turn on Hereford and that final left turn on Boylston.

There were so many spectators cheering, my heart was so full! I see the left turn on Boylston, make the left turn on Boylston. I did it, well not quite! I was 0.2 miles away from being a Boston Marathon Finisher! Filled with so much joy and emotions, I crossed that finish line. I did not care about my time, I did not once think about my pulled quad, I just thought, “I JUST EFFING DID THIS!! WHERE THE HELL IS MY UNICORN?!?!” This is a marathon that many people dream of. I was one of 30,000 people who got accepted and FINISHED THE BOSTON FREAKING MARATHON!

Crossing the Finish!!!

After soaking it in, taking photos, getting the free goodie bags, it was time to find my man! At this point, I thought I was going to pass out, finding him immediately was necessary. I wanted to ask for a wheelchair but yeah, no. I greet him with a big hug and just break down. There were tears of joy, happiness, and pain. Lets just say, I was an emotional wreck.

Some time passed and it was time to change into my JACKET, walk it off,  and grab some food. We made it back to the apartment and I forgot that I had to hike up like 10 flights of stairs… Imagine thaIMG_7934t after a marathon. Ethan went out for the pizza while I tried to regain some energy. We grubbed and went out for a celebratory dinner then headed back for more cannoli’s.

Can I note that my body was HURTIN’?!?!



April 18, 2017- Day 4

I did not wake up feeling like P. Diddy… but I was reminded that I completed the Boston Marathon and felt like the queen herself, Beyonce of course. I attempted a mile run to keep my streak alive. Day 912 of my running streak! Hehe. We then grabbed a bite and some coffee (of course). We hit up Mike’s Pastry one last time then headed to the Old North Church. There is much history in the North End of Boston. Checked out, then hit the airport!



This journey has been spectacular. I have achieved things that I would have never imagined. Competing the Boston Marathon means so much more than just completing the Boston Marathon (if that makes sense). I got to see a different side of running. All of the emotion, dedication, passion, and hard work that gets put in from not just runners but the Boston Marathons Association, Volunteers, and Spectators! This sport is incredible and I am proud to be a part of it!

I am not sure I will run a marathon again, and I am not sure I will be able to qualify for Boston if I do decide to run a marathon again. What I do know is that I will cherish this experience and the emotions felt before, during, and after this race for the rest of my life! I will learn and grow from this and forever be grateful!

Lastly, my running streak of 912 Days has come to an end. I am so proud of what I have accomplished in running so far! I would not be where I am out today with my 9run6 running family– so thank you all for your endless love, encouragement, positivity, and enthusiasm!



Luckily our Wednesday and Friday workouts this week we got some of that rare spring weather. I mean how dare we expect to get some decent spring weather since we are in April. Yesterday it was storming, but this morning it was great sights as we saw the sunrise during our workout.

This morning we also welcomed some returning faces to the crew. Welcome back Danielle and Rebecca to the morning workout crew. Danielle was a soldier and even stayed for all three time slots with the two runs and the ramp sprints at the Golden 1 Center.
With it being a Friday and good weather in the forecast, it was good timing to be able to do our Destination Friday workout at the Golden 1 Center. The workout this morning was fairly short compared to other ones that we throw out to our crew, but it was intense nonetheless.
This morning we hit 15 ramp sprints that had us breathing pretty hard and had our legs and arms pumping pretty quick.
Great job to everyone that got out there this morning, and to everyone traveling for this holiday weekend be safe!
Don’t forget Monday is Patriot’s Day and our favorite day to track a marathon! Jump onto the website to watch the live stream.

It’s finally feeling like SPRING!


The spring weather is finally starting to show during our workouts! The weather couldn’t have been better this morning for the 5:30, 6 and 6:25AM groups.

We started off with our normal loop around the 5th / 6th street route to conquer a couple of hills. To the surprise of Courtney she was able to smash some pretty fast running. Kudos to her to continue to push herself to run with the pack. Without any science or data to back this, I think it is safe to state then 9RUN6 makes you faster! So come on out and see whats up with our group if you want to get fitter, faster and have fun doing it.
The 6AM group had plenty of fun running down Capitol Mall to pick up McRunner who waits for us each morning at the Tower Bridge. He has a very important job for us as he pushes the cross walk button as we arrive. You know it is all about safety first!
With the 6:25 West Steps of the Capitol workout ready to go, this morning it was a partner workout mixed in with a deck of cards. One partner pulls a card and that number represents the number of hoisties, partner push ups and sits up performed followed by a run around the West Lawn.
The crew did the work and got a lot of sweat pouring. Way to go gang! Have a kick ass rest of your Wednesday.