The W’s


Everyone is invited to workout! No matter where you are in your running or athletic ability we welcome everyone! Just #BeThere!


I think this video sums up what we do better than words in this section …


We think fitness should be fun and free! We like working out outdoors with groups of other cool ass people, having a sweat and laughing. If you’re too cool for all of this then don’t bother showing up.

When and Where?

Join us every Wednesday and Friday

There are 3 meet up groups that go down every Wednesday Friday! Come to one or all of them for more fun and fitness … oh and it is always FREE!

  • 5:30AM – Running Group 1 – Meets at the corner of 10th & N Street (total of 3 ish miles)
  • 6:00AM – Running Group 2 – Group 1 wraps back around to meet up with group 2 at the corner of 10th & N Street. (about 2 miles)
  • 6:25AM – Meets at the 10th & N Street before traveling to a near by Downtown location (IMAX, CREST, Memorial, Convention Center, etc). This run route is always changing.

If you come out to all of these groups you can get in about 6-7 miles for the day along with some laughs, make new friends and sweat your heart out.

Official Hashtag: #9RUN6 and #sacRUNmento

Official Twitter: @9RUN6

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