Old Skooling It

6:25AM rolls around and where are you? Probably being a lazy ass and still in bed, while the cool peeps of 9RUN6 are working their asses off at the west steps of the Capitol.

This morning was pretty f’ing awesome as we broke out a new workout that had elements of jazzercise and those stupid line drills that your high school PE coach probably made you do at some point during your teenage years. The workout was simple but left our body parts screaming by the end of the 30 minute workout.

The workout consisted of 50 push-ups followed by a set of line drills from the 10th Street sidewalk all the way to the west steps. Then came along 50 sit ups followed by another set of line drills. To close off this first part of the workout we did 50 squats with another set of line drills.

Then we moved onto the bench area of the 10th Street side, where we did 100 step ups (switching our lead foot after 50), followed by 100 dips then closed off the entire workout with 100 jumping jacks.

Yup, today’s workout had some elements of some old school moves but had us blasting our muscles and smiling at the end.

Check out some photos from today’s workout on our Facebook.com/9RUN6 page.

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