So a couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to get our custom socks through our friends at Zensah Compression. Of course we jumped on the chance for some sweet at custom socks!
Well the other day the socks came in and we handed them out today. With much joy the folks who ordered them had smiles, and those who didn’t wanted to buy some. Luckily we do have a couple extra pairs for sale for $15 per pair.
This morning the crew brought out their fast as the 5:30AM group did the loop, which is a 3.3 mile loop starting at the corner of 10th & N, heading down N Street to the Promenade out to Broadway, back headed north on Front Street then back onto N Street for the 10th Street Finish.
For the 5:30AM group we welcomed a new face. Eddie reached out to us last week after hearing about us through our friends at Sloppy Moose Running Club. Welcome to the crew Eddie, we hope to see you again. A random fact about our new friend Eddie, Eddie is from Australia, and Eddie’s favorite beer is NOT Fosters.
Below is the segment on Strava, if you want to see if you can get out there and get the Course Record, because we all know everyone on Strava wants to set the course record.
We then knocked out the Old Sacramento loop with the crew before hitting the Wednesday West Steps Workout at 6:25AM. The workout today, was 12 different exercises for once through. Our machine Chris McRunner was the first the rip through the workout, everyone else tied for 2nd Place!
Great job everyone way to crush through your Wednesday morning and see you on Friday!

Let’s go check out some art!

So not only do we like to run and exercise in Sacramento, we also like to take in what Sacramento has to offer. Currently Sacramento is hosting an event called Wide Open Walls, which is a mural festival that goes on from August 10th through the 20th.

This morning we picked a few murals around the Downtown Sacramento area and checked them out. Rather than writing more about them, let’s just let the photos tell the story …


Like what you saw? We encourage you to get out and support the Wide Open Walls by checking out their website for more information: http://www.wideopenwalls.net/about-the-event.html



Bats and nuts from the sky

So today we had stuff from the sky … well from the tree at the Capitol. Just before the 5:30AM group gathered a couple of us were standing out at the corner of the 10th and N street, when we heard some rustling in the trees. Then a loud thump that hit the grass area about 20 yards from us. At first we thought we just witnessed a raccoon plummeting to it’s death. So we quickly went to check it out. Luckily it wasn’t a raccoon, it was however something from the tree, it was a giant nut from the tree.

as you can we weren’t making this up! 

Then came along the running groups and hitting those miles in hard! A three mile out and back then off to Old Sacramento with the 6AM group to pick up McRunner at the Tower Bridge.

We got back to the West Steps to take our photo …


Then it was off to Destination Friday for the 6:25AM group where we headed out to the Golden 1 Center. Today’s workout was selected by Kristin who celebrated her birthday with us for a workout.

Before getting to the Golden 1 Center, if we thought the nut falling from the tree couldn’t get beat, we saw a bat moving along the sidewalk like it had a rough nite in the caves. It was literally crawling on the sidewalk.

Once we got to the Golden 1 Center it was about the ping-pong ball workout followed by some stairs between each bounce.

During the workout we came in with our second run in with another bat. This one was sleeping upside down on one of the steps. Yes we had passed it about 6-7 time before Brad noticed it.

that black thing is a bat! 

After the final steps were climbed and ping-pong balls were bounced. We headed back to the West Steps to end the workout where most of us park our cars or lock our bikes.

Great job everyone! Solid week and have an awesome weekend!

In closing we want to give a Birth-YAY shoutout to Kristin!



The crew welcomes some new faces this morning. The new faces showed up to the 5:30AM run group and one stayed through all 3 groups! Way to go to the newbies.

With the normal spring and summer time runs completed the crew made it back to the West Steps for the Deck of Cards from Hell workout this morning.


The Deck of Cards from Hell is a workout that has a lot of people doing some burpees. When we mean some burpess, we mean a shit load of burpees. The workout is simple, pull a card and what is written on the card is the the exercise that is performed. Some are stationary workouts, while others are moving. Each movement is followed by a run, some shorter than others.

During the workout four members picked up their orange wrist band which represents their life time membership band. Yes, we understand that the workouts are free, but who doesn’t like to feel like they have something official to represent their membership. Wanna get an awesome orange band? It is simple just show up to a workout and get one.


The crew crushed the workout and got their burpee on. If you showed up you crushed it no matter the pace or ability, YOU DID IT! We celebrate our victories no matter how big or small they are.

With the workout completed, we want to give a birthday shoutout to our official Ogre of the crew, to Ethan. Happy Birthday to the big dude! He didn’t show up today so we couldn’t sing happy birthday to him, but we wish him a great day on his day today.


Friday’s workout will be lead by Adam the resident meteorologist. So let’s see a solid group come out to support his first workout that he will be officially leading.

More info on where the destination Friday workout will be, will be posted on Facebook and Twitter on Thursday.

Get off the Ballers!


Okay, they might not be called actually ballers but we will still call them so. Thanks Courtney for killing our joy of calling the bollards, ballers. What we are referring to are the things sticking up from the ground around the State Capitol. We had an awesome idea of sitting on them for a photo until an officer on bike peddled by and told us to get off the BALLERS. As we all know runners sitting on BALLERS is a dangerous combination.

We had a good sized group for our runs and workout groups this morning, typically Friday’s we are on the slimmer side with attendance because apparently people like to not show up.

We had our homie Zane drop a verbal on the Facebook page the other day, but we somewhat were hoping he flaked so we had someone to call out on social media with another milk carton graphic.

After the morning run groups, we headed our Destination Friday workout to the Memorial Auditorium where we did 99 problems, though most of the group outside of the MACHINE McRunner got in about 66 problems. In this workout each set involves 33 burpees, 33 pushups and 33 squats. The goal is to knock out 3 complete sets to make 99 reps of each movement.

We have some news! We are currently working with the friendly folks at Zensah to get some custom 9RUN6 crew socks, they won’t be boring either they will have an awesome space theme to them, and will be a very limited quantity. Socks are going to be about $15 a pair. More information on ordering the socks will be coming out soon.

Welcome new people!

This morning we welcomed some new faces. Ernesto brought some folks along, 3 people to be exact. While another person found us by searching running groups. Apparently, we are a real running group when you can find us on a running groups around Sacramento list …. BOOM! We are the real deal.

This morning the run crew got their miles in with the 5:30AM crew running the normal route out to the river and back. While the 6:00AM crew has added a little more distance to the route, while typically we run down through the tunnel that connects Old Sacramento and Downtown Sacramento, we still hit that path but we explore through Old Sacramento a little more running out by the train museum.

After returning to the West Steps location, we headed our Destination Friday workout to Roosevelt Park for the ping pong ball workout. The new faces did the work and so did the regulars.

Great job everyone and kick ass this weekend in your training and races!

Also McRunner our Chief Accountant will be crunching numbers over the weekend to do projections on membership fees for the next 30 years. We are thinking of increasing fees from the current annual rate of $0 to somewhere around $0. For a lifetime membership you can pay up front $0 and get all of the benefits! Sounds like a great deal so keep an eye out for your annual or lifetime applications!


Throw down some dice


What a difference a week makes! Last week it was already cooking in the morning as the Sacramento weather hit us with some heat. This morning was a bit different, though still a little warm, it was much more comfortable to run around in.

This morning we took onto the roads and ran around downtown like we always do as we own the streets in the early morning.

When the run crews had completed the 6:25AM squad hit the west steps for a workout this morning involving throwing down some dice to figure out which movements were called upon each individual. The workout in theory is simple, roll down the dice and see what the number equates to the workout on the paper. Some folks got the same movement time after time, while others had to go through other movements each and every time.


Great job everyone! Way to crush the workout today …

Also we have one question … BRAD WHERE WERE YOU THIS MORNING???

Taking it to the courts

This morning we finally made Brad’s dreams come through… we’ll get to that later in the post.
The morning crews did their thing this morning by showing up to the corner of 10th & N street for the 5:30 and 6AM run groups, which took us to the normal routes of running out to the river and back then picking up the 6AM group where we headed out towards the Tower Bridge and through Old Sacramento before heading back to the Capitol before doing the “Adult Recess” part of the workout.
This morning rather than doing burpees, pushups and other fun and exciting activities, we traded those in for some quick change of direction movements by playing full court basketball. If you don’t think basketball is a workout, we challenge you to come out and run around with some really bad basketball players and run around the court with us. The poor passing and terrible defense made for a lot of chasing and running around the court. It was AWESOME!
Check out the photos below to really appreciate the workout that went down today.
For those of you that missed it, we might be sneaking in more adult recess activities during the summer months, so check out the Facebook and twitter pages as we will start to announce those events for our Friday workouts.
Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the USATF Championships and Western States 100 that are both going down this weekend in and around Sacramento.

We workout before the heat

It is no surprise that if you are in Sacramento, it is pretty F@#$ing HOT when the afternoon roles around. So what makes the most sense? Working out in the morning of course.

This morning we welcomed a new face to the crew Mr. Stan Zeto himself, his twin brother wasn’t there but that’s cool, that just made it easier to pick who is the favorite twin in the 9RUN6 community … the one who showed up :).

This morning we did the normal running routes for the 5:30AM and the 6AM run meet ups before starting the 6:25AM partner workout that pretty much kicked our asses. Hey thats what we are about challenging ourselves to see what we have in the tank when things get tough.

Let’s get to the exciting part of this week as it is Western States 100, when runners go from Squaw Valley to Placer High School in Auburn. All one hundred miles of it by foot including a river crossing around mile 70ish. The ups and downs of the canyons and trails with the heat beating down on them. So we need to come out as a community and cheer them on! If you are interested come join us. For more information check out the facebook event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/249185452233460.

See you on Friday at 5:30, 6 or 6:25AM which one will you be at? or will you join us for all of them?

It’s hooooot

So the weather is starting to come in hoooot on us here in Sacramento, however when you get your workouts in and are done by 7AM then it is much cooler … but even that is relative as it is in the high 60s during the morning workouts.

This morning we welcomed some new faces to the group, one coming from England who found us through Meet Up and other being a friend of his who lives here in Sacramento, we hope to see her more often in future workouts.

The morning run groups did the normal routes of out to the river, along it and back to the 10th & N street corner. Then we made our way to pick up McRunner and head through Old Sacramento.

After the run groups finished off, we headed to the Memorial Auditorium for our Destination Friday workout, which was the deck of cards from hell. Various exercises written on the playing cards were performed followed by a run.

The sweat was pouring but we got it done! Have a great weekend everyone.

Also Monday we will be planning a trip to go out and cheer at Western States with our location being out at Forrest Hill, so be on the look out for that!