Today Was Epic …

Update: (10/3/2015) A link to all of the awesome photos have been added to this blog post (scroll to the bottom) which were all taken by @momentscaptured11 on Instagram.

First let’s address what happened on Wednesday … we had a member go down … yup Brian aka RUN_BMC went down and is now out for about 2 weeks due to a sprained ankle … here is how it went down.

So we started our workout like a couple of champs with the good old Deck of Cards workout where folks test their luck by selecting a card out of a stack of two decks. Each card’s value determined the number of push-ups, sit-ups and squats. Pull a Joker and you double the value of your next card. Each pull of a card was also followed by a lap around the West Lawn.

Today’s workout was even more epic because he had a real deal photographer come out and shoot some photos … those photos will be posted on our 9RUN6 Facebook within the next couple of days.

Have a kick ass weekend!

Click Here to checkout the awesome photos from last Friday!

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