Hey where’s everyone at?

So today it was F’ing cold out for the 5:30AM, 6:00AM and 6:25AM groups at 9RUN6 … It actually never warmed up for the group. Nonetheless, the hard cores made out and got their workout on, on this fine Black Friday. You can say we were part of the #OptOutside movement for today.

The excuses started coming in on Thanksgiving evening as Alexia sent myself and Run BMC a text message saying she wouldn’t make it … Then at 5:32AM I sent Kevin a text, asking him where he as and if he was going to make it … mind you he only lives about 10 minutes away by car. He said the following …

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 1.50.47 PM
Alexia providing her out for Friday morning
Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 1.50.51 PM
Alexia providing her out for Friday morning

Without Alexia being there we figured out that our resident ogre aka Ethan wasn’t going to make it either. I honestly think that Alexia locks him up in some sort of cage when she cannot make it to a morning workout. There is a pattern of him not showing up when she isn’t there.

So with Katie making it out for the 6:00AM group along with BMC and I, we started to make our way out to the Tower Bridge where the group typically picks up McRuner … and to our surprise he wasn’t there either … WTF is going on here?!?!?!

At 6:25AM the group started the west steps workout and we saw miniature creature running around with a headlamp… come to find out it was 1/6th of the FitFam6 group … also known as David.

The workout for the morning was 100’s which involves 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 step-ups and 100 squats … the key to this workout is once you start an exercise you have to finish it before moving onto the next one. The brave and badasses for this morning knocked out the workout as the sun came up and it was time to start the rest of the day.

Throughout the day, we will be trolling social media sites to see who found a way to get up and go shopping but didn’t have the balls to get up and workout this morning … there will be various postings throughout the day giving these people delightful shout outs on the blog …

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving … now don’t forget to get your Winter Challenge Day 2 taken care of at some point today!

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