The workout before CIM


With the California International Marathon coming this Sunday, a number of our members are partaking in the relay or full marathon so today was somewhat awesome … actually everyday is awesome.

The 5:30AM group took off on a short run which ran the last 1.5 miles of the course before finishing at the Capital to pick up the 6:00AM group. That group did the normal run out to the Tower Bridge.

At 6:25AM it was all about paper, rock, scissors for the workout … If you won in the heads up competition you did 10 push ups, sit ups and squats … if you lost then you had to do 15 … lose twice in a row it added 5 reps to each … lose 3 times in a row then it went to 20 … you get the picture.

Good luck to everyone partaking in the marathon weekend and thank you to everyone that will be part of the weekend as a volunteer or cheering along the course.

Don’t forget tomorrow we crash the CIM Health and Fitness Expo at 12:00PM for the Tweet Up… here is the info …


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