We Run Get Over It


We meet up every Wednesday and Friday with groups starting at 5:30, 6:00 and 6:25 … some people stay for all three others come for some or even add on beyond after people have already given their high-fives and made their ways to start their work day.

Today was no different. The first group met at 5:30AM at the corner of 10th & N Street, logging in some miles along the Waterfront then down R Street, taking a look at the fliers scattering the ground left over from last night’s Snoop Dogg show.

After 30 minutes the group then returned back to the 10th & N Street corner to pick up the 6AM runners. This group made it out to check out the rail yards then off to check out the Golden 1 Arena. With about 2 miles in the bank for this group it was time to head back to the West Steps for the 6:25AM workout.

the new Golden 1 Arena

Today’s workout on the West Steps was the good old 100 workout (100 push-ups, 100 leg lefts and 100 squats) followed with 10 laps around the Christmas tree lawn area.

getting those 10 laps in around the tree

The next few weeks we will be awarding some awesome Nuun Hydration goodies to individual members, as well as providing everyone with some daily dose of hydration samples until we run out.

the daily sweat award went to Brad

Even with FREE workouts, we still find ways to get a pay day through compliments of how much people enjoy the group … here is one from our newest member …


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