Bouncing balls … ping pong balls …


The crew gathered on the typical Wednesday morning … and we are coming strong with the 5:30AM group, gaining more with the 6:00AM group and finishing even stronger with the 6:25AM group. The last few weeks we have seen some new faces at the workouts, one of the worries with new faces is how many return consistently? Well today we had some of last week’s new faces come back for a second time / second workout! We saw Shane, Kristen, and Jersey Chris return. We also saw a familiar faces return after a number of months missing in action … yup Sacramento’s very own 40 under 40 award winner Benny came through today for a working once again … we also saw the return of Derrick … aka my long lost brother from another mother …  we hope to see them grinding it out more often with us again.

The 5:30AM group started off at the normal meeting spot of 10th & N St, where we headed down N Street up to 28th and returned back down Capitol Mall … logging in about 3 miles to return back to the corner to pick up the 6:00AM group … the that group gathered we made our way to the Tower Bridge where, we picked up McRunner before heading back to the West Steps completing the 2 mile route.

With 6:25AM on the clock the squad was ready to get to the body weight exercises and really pouring some liquid awesome! The ping pong ball workout is really simple … each person grabs a ball that has various exercises and reps written onto them … on the count of 3 everyone bounces their ping pong ball onto the ground and snatches another out of the air … the one you grab determines your specific exercise for that round … after each round a lap around the west lawn area is completed and it all happens again and again for about 25 minutes worth of running and body weight exercises.

We have fun, we get fit, and we do it all for free … so what’s your excuse to not join us? See you Friday at 5:30, 6 or 6:25AM or for all of them….

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