This is Brad!


Name: Brad Bernel

Twitter: Can you look this up for me, I don’t know it.

Instagram: or this one but I think I am on there.

Originally from …. Concord, CA

How I found 9RUN6 … Heard about the group from a co-worker and checked it out

What 9RUN6 means to me … A free outdoor workout with a great group of people who keep me motivated to work hard and play hard.  And we get it done in 30 minutes!

Favorite race distance … 10k for now

Favorite race I have ran … Shamrock’n

Top race on my bucket list is … Any marathon

Favorite musical artist and song … I love almost all music except for most country

A little more awesome stuff about me …  I used to hate running and couldn’t even imagine running more than a mile at a time unless I was playing some sort of sport.  And now here I am running many miles, some races, and actually contemplating running a marathon.   Who would of thought?

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