Get to the Memorial

The 5:30 and 6:00AM groups seem to be the popular groups as of late. This morning we had a gathering of 13 people getting approx. 5 miles in during these times. The group is really starting to grow and momentum is growing. We even saw our old friend Judy, who gave a commitment to join us this morning! Now we just gotta find a way to get Cakes aka Ernesto back into the mix.

Once the group finished up with the typical run down towards 28th Street with the 5:30 group then out and back through Old Sacramento to the West Steps with the 6:00AM group, it was time to get our Destination Deck workout on at 6:25AM. Today the group made our way to the Memorial Auditorium on J Street.

The deck of cards workout for today, was similar to other Fridays with Faces and Aces equaling 11 reps of each exercise, while the numbers equaled that value. Pull a Joker and you doubled up on the next card. The exercises for today were jump ups onto about a 16-inch step, sits-ups and push-ups. Today’s winner with the best hand after 10 rounds was Shane, who had 4 Queens with an Ace high … the winner gets to pull 3 cards, we add the total and everyone else has to do the exercises once again … today he pulled a total of 26 which made everyone enjoy 26 more jump ups, push-ups and sit ups.

With the liquid awesome pouring, it was time to start each individual’s Friday. Everyone have an awesome weekend and see you all next Wednesday!

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