Condition Proof

It could be dark, cold, rainy, windy, whatever other condition that happens this time of year in Sacramento, but yet we still pour that liquid awesome.

If you are training for a race, or something else keep in mind … RACE DAY DOESN’T CARE what the weather or the conditions were like on a Friday in October. Race day only cares if you did the work building into that event in December … errrr California International Marathon if that is what you are training for. For the group many of the peeps are getting ready for that event …

In case you aren’t training for a particular race or event, but just finished one, getting out and continuing a routine is important because you just worked hard for let’s say … ummmm Urban Cow or San Jose R’n’R … so don’t lose the base that was just built and created for the goal race you had.

The key here is putting the training off will catch up … you have to be condition proof, and it isn’t about just the weather, it has to do with everything else … like being fatigued, or not getting enough to eat the night before, or whatever conditions might pop up. Again RACE DAY DOESN’T CARE ABOUT A FRIDAY MORNING IN OCTOBER.

When race day comes around are you truly able to say “I trust my training, because I did the work” …

With it starting to be crunch time and mileage starting to build up for the marathon … come out and join us, we can help you get to where you want to be … WE WANT EVERYONE TO MAKE IT!

Looking for a reason to meet up with a group for a long run … how about tomorrow morning? 7AM at the Lake Natoma Fish Hatchery … Be there …


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