You go to the gym bro?

You got the gym bro? – Brad 1.0

At 9RUN6, Wednesday mornings are saved for meeting at the corner of 10th & N and dumping the treadmill workouts, then over to the West Steps for some body weight exercises and skipping the gym.

Let’s be honest we all want those killer shoulders and triceps right … well here is the secret ingredient to getting that shredded bod … pick the right cards at our workouts. Yup cards that are flipped upside down can get your ripped if you draw the shoulder taps or push ups, but if you draw a shit ton of burpee cards then you might want to puke on yourself … however that might not be cool for some of the members apparently, some aren’t committed to doing the duty on yourself if you are pushing your limits … unless it is raining, then apparently it is completely okay to piss in your pants if it is raining during a race.

Confused about the paragraph above? Just ask Katie, Brad 1.0 or McRunner … They can catch you up in the conversation that took place this morning.

This morning we welcomed a new face … welcome to the group Lorine, she came by way of a newbie who came last friday … see new faces can recruit new people so can you! … invite your friends to come out.

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