Dude did a bird …

It’s Friday, so everyone throw their hands in the air! Only after getting your morning workout in, that is! When you conquer the workout, basically you own the day. The squad did the normal gathering of the masses at 5:30 and 6:00 for the run group then at 6:25 before heading over the the International Peace Garden on the 15th Street side of the Capitol.

So during one of the run groups, our O.G. Brad 1.0 got shatted on by a bird … no not on the head, but on the front of the shirt. Gross? Yes. However, let’s break this down on how amazing it really is to have that done. Brad was not doing sit ups so he wasn’t on his back. Though that really isn’t out of the question because maybe he does them at stoplights to kill the time waiting for the crossing signal to turn green. Yes my friends we do wait for the light to signal us to go … well most of the time.

Here is a visual …

The workout this morning was a new one that involved three rounds of of 4 exercises with 30 reps of each set with about a 1 minute break between each one.

Great job everyone! Have a kick ass weekend. And don’t forget if you want to order a custom 9RUN6 tubular bandana get your pre-order in by CLICKING HERE. 



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