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What is 9RUN6 4.0? It is the 4 year celebration of 9RUN6. Every second Wednesday in January we celebrate when 9RUN6 all started with a group of 3 people people 4 years ago who decided to meet up at McKinley Park.

Over the last 4 years 9RUN6 has gone through so many changes, we have seen so many people come through the workouts, we have seen people move into Sacramento and leave Sacramento. 9RUN6 is more than just a group of people who run on Wednesday and Friday mornings from the corner of 10th & N Street.

Back in 2014, 9RUN6 started as a pledge for November Project Sacramento, after about 9 months all parties (Chris, Brogan and Bojan) decided that it was time to pull the plug on the NP_SMF brand as it wasn’t growing as much as it needed to like the other tribes around the country and world. However, at that point it wasn’t about calling it quits because in that short time, people who only knew one another through social media finally got to meet in real life and workout. Without 9RUN6 many people who show up at 5:30, 6 or 6:25am would have never met. We wouldn’t have been able to witness the hard work each person puts in beyond our meet-ups.

People have gone from not running races to training and running marathons and 50ks and distances between from the Beer Mile.

So next Wednesday we celebrate 9RUN6 4.0. Same location at the corner of 10th & N Street, we knock out the two group runs at 5:30 and 6AM, then at 6:25AM you’ll want to stick around for the donut relays. Why donuts? Well if you have ever been to a workout when we celebrate something we always have donuts. On Wednesday January 10th we are celebrating 4 years of awesome friends and adventures.

BRING A SHIRT TO TAG!!! We will have the normal 9RUN6 stencil and a special 4.0 stencil that will only be used on Wednesday, January 10th, 2018.

Take a look at some memories from the last few years …

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