So What’cha Want

IMG_2763So the group started of strong with the 5:30AM and the 6:00AM run only groups that meet at 10th & N Street … but when the hard stuff started at 6:25AM on the west steps of the Capitol, only the strong survived it and were ballsie enough to stay for workout.

Today’s strength workout was the 99 problems remix … yup 99 push ups, 99 sit ups , 99 squats, followed by some running … then adding on with the extended version of 100 step ups and 100 tricep dips … then it was all over BOOM.

It wasn’t anything too fancy today but we got the $hi7 done in the 30 minutes on the west steps for the strength workout.

What’s on tap for this weekend for you guys? Also can we get some commitments for next week? Leave it in the comments section below and get with us …

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