Thanksgiving and the races to celebrate the season are just around the corner, which means CIM is almost upon us. Still, there are some of us that push ourselves though the biting cold each Wednesday and Friday morning.

Besides the fact that it is dark and cold outside, we still keep showing and getting our work done with some fun. This morning was no different, with the exception that Christmas music should have been blasting this morning. The Breakfast Club was able to see the Christmas Tree at the State Capitol west steps go through a lighting test as we were off to put in some pre workout miles.

Let’s get to that workout shall we. Sorry, due to a dead battery there are no photos to show proof of the 43 people we had enjoying the morning with us.

Chris was gone so we decided to get some real work in this morning. RO-SHAM-BURP, or known as RO-SHAM-BO to many. Winners got an easier set of pushups, sit ups and squats, while losers did more. Draw, and well that’s where the Burpee made it’s appearance.

Plenty of belching this morning, and we want to share some more with the rest of you. Join us every Wednesday and Friday morning at the West Steps of the State Capitol. 5:30a and 6a for Breakfast Club and 6:25a for that good workout.


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