The day we honored a little boy named David…

Damn this group just keeps getting better. At 5:30a we were rolling 8 deep, at 6a 10 deep and kept it steady from there. That’s something special when there are 10 people willing to hang out in 30-something degree weather that early in the morning.


It was balls to the walls for our 6:25a workout at the West Steps of the Cap. The static was flowing and reps were doubled on each ping pong ball. Trash talking ensued as did the random f-bomb, providing the only source of proof when some poor sap pulled burpees. Either way the liquid awesome was flowing.

Speaking of which, a huge thanks to our friends @Nuun for providing us tons of great product to hand out @9Run6 each Wed and Fri. Today, after being a regular at our 6:25a workouts, Papa @FitFam6 was rewarded for the way he has stepped up and become a regular at the 6a portion of @9Run6. This Nuun is for you David!

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