#DesitinationFriday Steps on J


Here we were again. It was the end of a work week with great weather upon us, and no signs of stragglers from St. Patrick day festivities the night prior. This Friday was no different than any other of our Friday mornings. At 5:30am a group of us met at the corner of 10th and N streets in front of the Capitol of one of the world’s largest economies, but without Kevin and Benny….

6:00am we met at the corner, but Kevin and Benny were still not there…

6:25am we made our way to our destination, the steps on J. For those of you in Sacramento unaware what the steps on J might be, there is a set of steps leading up to the second floor of the Sacramento Convention center which is located near the corner of 15th and J. A great spot for getting in some stair work, without Kevin and Benny.

Dice and cards were the weapons of choice for attacking our workout. One person rolls the dice, and we run the flight of stairs the number of times corresponding to the die (singular, not plural right?). After that we picked one card, and the corresponding number on the card represented the number of reps for pushups, sit-ups and squats. This went on for 30 minutes before we made our way back to the Capitol and all went our separate ways. If anyone was wondering, Kevin and Benny never showed up.

Meet us next Wednesday and Friday, same bat time and same bat channel.






Destination Friday

IMG_3700The 5:30 and 6:00AM groups have continued their streak as the peoples’ choice. This morning 13 people got their fair share of approx 5 miles. The 5:30 group was minus two schlubs whom happened to both sleep in on the same day. #Shoutout Malenab and Crilly.

Who knows where the hell that 5:30 AM group ran to this morning, but after they made their way back to the corner of 10th and N it was time to go pick up McRunner Chris. The group made their way back to the West Steps of the Cap and then headed over to the J street side of the Convention Center. LilB Barker left the group at this point in the journey to continue to fight off SRS (Skinny Runner Syndrome) at a local gym/night-club.

The deck of cards workout for today, was similar to other Fridays with Faces and Aces equaling 11 reps of each exercise, while the numbers equaled that value. Pull a Joker and you doubled up on the next card. The exercises for today were push-ups, squat thrusts and leg lifts.Today’s winner was Malenab, who had something like 8 Jacks. This was due to his ability to pull multiple Jokers (wild). So it was Malenab’s turn to pull 3 extra cards, we add the total and everyone else has to do the exercises once again … today he pulled a total of 23 which made everyone enjoy 23 more reps of each exercise.

It was a great way to lead into the weekend and close out the work week. BTW, if anyone has seen a man running in an orange A&W shirt, please tell him that he is missed and that the group wants to run with him soon.


When it Rains, find a tunnel

#DestinationFriday fell upon again today, this time taking the early group through a 5 mi run in the rain, while enjoying the serenity which a downtown provides between 5:30am and 6:25am prior to our 6:25 destination, the Old Sac tunnel.

As our core group has continued to maintain their commitment to the pre-workout runs, we have slowly begun to add some new people this morning. Today we welcomed Dan from West Sac. This now means that McRunner Chris is no longer our only person from West Sac. What this means for the rest of us on the other side of the river is we are being infiltrated by the 530. Or shall I say #5Free0

Today’s workout featured 2 things, lot’s of rain and professional photography. Yep, photos of our workout will be uploaded at a later date but they’ll be legit. This weekend or early next week, we’ll be able to show proof of our Deck of Cards workout with great style. 10 rounds of Mountain Climbers, Lunges, and Crunches with the card face value representing the reps.

4 Aces by Sarah Green was the winning hand today, which enabled her to pass along an additional 25 reps to the rest of the group.



#DestinationFriday takes the Crest



It’s 2016 and #DestinationFriday is in full effect. This week after the #BreakfastClub put in some miles, we met at the step of the Capitol and ran a couple of blocks over to K Street. Our destination was the Crest Theatre, right across the street from the California Family (CalFit) Fitness. If you’re wondering, CalFit provides sun-less spray tans, a full bar, lounge and anything else that not related to just living a healthy life and enjoying the relationships which come along with.

War was the name of the game today and we had a couple of new faces to join us for some dirty dancing (more on this in a second). We’re growing, up by 7 in the past week and damn proud of the folks that have been coming out for a great mission #FunFreeFitness.

Finally, congrats to all our 2015 award winners.


Dirty Dancing, yes that one, the one with the great soundtrack which includes Hungry Eyes, will be playing at the Crest Theater.


The #RESOLUTION to end them all

As a new year dawns so do the dreams of taking on a #RESOLUTION. Well we here at #9Run6 are happy to tell you that we have come up with the #RESOLUTION to end them all.

The physiology of running is an interesting thing. As we run, different muscles within the body are at work. Mostly these muscles are working in concert with one another, but sometimes a few of those muscles stray to work on a more private matter. Yes indeed, some of these muscles help relieve the pressure of gas build up during our runs.

As we may have all experienced the relief of gas during a run comes in many lengths of time, smell and sounds. But one thing is for certain; if you happen to be running with a partner or a group it can get awkward.

This is why we are challenging the rest of the #RunningWorld to our New Year’s #RESOULTION to end them all.

Its a simple rule to follow: If a person by chance relieves him/herself of the gas buildup, but does not acknowledge the act of doing so, then the act shall not be spoken of by the group/individuals present at the time of the act. If a person by chance relieves him/herself and makes mention prior to, during or after the act (Examples being: Oh my God, I feel like I am about to blow a hole through my compressions. Did someone just step on a duck? Who just sh@t themselves? The last two are examples of the theory of he/she who smelt it has dealt it.), then the group/individuals present at the time of the act may speak of the act in all of its glory.

Accept our challenge by making our #RESOLUTION to end them all your New Year’s #RESOLUTION. Now go forth, eat copious amounts of substances rich in fiber and spread the word of our #RESOLUTION.


Santa is Coming!

Let’s get straight to the business on this one. Almost Christmas? Check!  Registration? Check! Santa Suits? Check! Any particular goal in mind? Nope!

After hearing Chris talk about this race for the past year it seemed like the right way to close out the race calendar for 2015 and celebrate Christmas. So a number of us from @9Run6 showed up on a wet Saturday morning, ready pound out another 5k.  There was talk by Chris of running from his house to the start, smartly he did not. He did get in a good 7 mile warmup (part of his Boston Training) on his way to a top 10 finish.

Myself, I showed up thinking I’d be happy with a top 10 and somewhere around a 6:11 min/mi pace. Well, after working our way to the front of the line the race quickly started in a flurry of snow, er, soap. You know, like those Ibiza night clubs?

We took off a little quick, but anything to get away from the mess of people behind us. The mile 1 marker showed up about 1/4 mile after the actual mile 1. Mile 2 showed up before the actual mile 2, and so I decided to not pay attention and just run. Maybe the finish was going to really be at mile 2.8. The race actually ended at 3.1 and mile 3 was right where it was supposed to be.

5k’s are an odd race. Similar to an Sprint Tri, it may be just long enough for those just starting and short for those whom run longer distances it may be too much effort for a short distance. What I have discovered, and everyone will discover something for themselves, is that given my commitments and schedule this race distance is great. Great meaning that I can put forth effort in weekly mileage with friends and experience results. This race was no different. I set out thinking I’d be happy with a 6:11 min/mi pace and finished 2nd in the 30-39 Age Group and 5th Overall at a 5:57 min/mi pace. The best part is I did it in a Santa Hat and a shirt that read, “Let’s Get Elf’d Up!”


The day we honored a little boy named David…

Damn this group just keeps getting better. At 5:30a we were rolling 8 deep, at 6a 10 deep and kept it steady from there. That’s something special when there are 10 people willing to hang out in 30-something degree weather that early in the morning.


It was balls to the walls for our 6:25a workout at the West Steps of the Cap. The static was flowing and reps were doubled on each ping pong ball. Trash talking ensued as did the random f-bomb, providing the only source of proof when some poor sap pulled burpees. Either way the liquid awesome was flowing.

Speaking of which, a huge thanks to our friends @Nuun for providing us tons of great product to hand out @9Run6 each Wed and Fri. Today, after being a regular at our 6:25a workouts, Papa @FitFam6 was rewarded for the way he has stepped up and become a regular at the 6a portion of @9Run6. This Nuun is for you David!

Remember this Holiday Season…

This morning was rad. At 5:30a we were rolling 6 deep as opposed to 3 or 4 deep and by the time 6a rolled around we were really deep. Listen, all we want to do is spread fun free fitness to all throughout this holiday season.  

 This was the first workout after 6 of us were involved ithe CIM, 3 of us completing the full marathon.  We threw down almost 6 miles and doubled up on the reps with our cassic #PinPong routine. #Yup

 Like always we enjoyed ourselves this morning and look forward to hopefully some new faces on Friday. Remember to spread the joy of fun free fitness to all the m’fers out there. We’re at the Capitol every Wed and Friday. #9Run6


Holding it in… Business as usual

IMG_2907The title of this one doesn’t make any sense, but what was originally going to be the subject matter for this post has been pushed until tomorrow. That’s because we welcomed a new member to the crew yesterday; Courtney, fresh from Las Vegas.


Other than Courtney, it was Business as Usual Wednesday.  The deck of cards made an appearance, each of us drawing a card 10 times to complete the set of reps per the face value of the cards. Brad, as usual, drew the best hand and pull 3 cards for the bonus round.

Oh, and we got a preview of the Christmas Tree lighting at the West Steps!




IMG_2818That’s what’s up! A call out went to many for this great Thanksgiving week, and many came out. IMG_2817

Today’s workout was the classic #PingPong ball work out and it was a little more entertaining that usual. @FitFam6 minus 2 were there this morning, and let’s just say that those kids are pure #GO#GO#GO!


It was a great day to burn some calories before the big day, but also great time getting the band back together. We’ll see everyone out at #RunToFeedTheHungry tomorrow and remember to come out on Friday for our #BlackFriday workout. Same time, same spot.