Santa is Coming!

Let’s get straight to the business on this one. Almost Christmas? Check!  Registration? Check! Santa Suits? Check! Any particular goal in mind? Nope!

After hearing Chris talk about this race for the past year it seemed like the right way to close out the race calendar for 2015 and celebrate Christmas. So a number of us from @9Run6 showed up on a wet Saturday morning, ready pound out another 5k.  There was talk by Chris of running from his house to the start, smartly he did not. He did get in a good 7 mile warmup (part of his Boston Training) on his way to a top 10 finish.

Myself, I showed up thinking I’d be happy with a top 10 and somewhere around a 6:11 min/mi pace. Well, after working our way to the front of the line the race quickly started in a flurry of snow, er, soap. You know, like those Ibiza night clubs?

We took off a little quick, but anything to get away from the mess of people behind us. The mile 1 marker showed up about 1/4 mile after the actual mile 1. Mile 2 showed up before the actual mile 2, and so I decided to not pay attention and just run. Maybe the finish was going to really be at mile 2.8. The race actually ended at 3.1 and mile 3 was right where it was supposed to be.

5k’s are an odd race. Similar to an Sprint Tri, it may be just long enough for those just starting and short for those whom run longer distances it may be too much effort for a short distance. What I have discovered, and everyone will discover something for themselves, is that given my commitments and schedule this race distance is great. Great meaning that I can put forth effort in weekly mileage with friends and experience results. This race was no different. I set out thinking I’d be happy with a 6:11 min/mi pace and finished 2nd in the 30-39 Age Group and 5th Overall at a 5:57 min/mi pace. The best part is I did it in a Santa Hat and a shirt that read, “Let’s Get Elf’d Up!”


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