The #RESOLUTION to end them all

As a new year dawns so do the dreams of taking on a #RESOLUTION. Well we here at #9Run6 are happy to tell you that we have come up with the #RESOLUTION to end them all.

The physiology of running is an interesting thing. As we run, different muscles within the body are at work. Mostly these muscles are working in concert with one another, but sometimes a few of those muscles stray to work on a more private matter. Yes indeed, some of these muscles help relieve the pressure of gas build up during our runs.

As we may have all experienced the relief of gas during a run comes in many lengths of time, smell and sounds. But one thing is for certain; if you happen to be running with a partner or a group it can get awkward.

This is why we are challenging the rest of the #RunningWorld to our New Year’s #RESOULTION to end them all.

Its a simple rule to follow: If a person by chance relieves him/herself of the gas buildup, but does not acknowledge the act of doing so, then the act shall not be spoken of by the group/individuals present at the time of the act. If a person by chance relieves him/herself and makes mention prior to, during or after the act (Examples being: Oh my God, I feel like I am about to blow a hole through my compressions. Did someone just step on a duck? Who just sh@t themselves? The last two are examples of the theory of he/she who smelt it has dealt it.), then the group/individuals present at the time of the act may speak of the act in all of its glory.

Accept our challenge by making our #RESOLUTION to end them all your New Year’s #RESOLUTION. Now go forth, eat copious amounts of substances rich in fiber and spread the word of our #RESOLUTION.


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