We don’t even have a name for it. 

The group that gathered this morning at 5:30AM was pretty solid … Then we added a couple more at 6:00 … Covering almost 5 miles in total before the 6:25 meet up at the west steps some could say that the workout could be called a day … Not with us!

Today’s workout didn’t even have a name to it that’s how badass the workout was … Honestly I couldn’t even remember what all was in it in regards to the order. I know there was a crap ton of jump ropes, some insane amount of squats mixed in with some randomness of high knees and butt kickers. Today’s workout was like as if a painter took out a soda can shook it up, opened it and a baby elephant came out … Yup doesn’t make any sense. Today’s workout was kinda like that …but one thing was certain it kicked all of our asses. 

Wondering why there aren’t any photos on the blog or on Facebook? Ask Brian aka RUN BMC to post some pictures. Dude is being a hog and not sharing them when he took them on his phone. 

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