When it Rains, find a tunnel

#DestinationFriday fell upon again today, this time taking the early group through a 5 mi run in the rain, while enjoying the serenity which a downtown provides between 5:30am and 6:25am prior to our 6:25 destination, the Old Sac tunnel.

As our core group has continued to maintain their commitment to the pre-workout runs, we have slowly begun to add some new people this morning. Today we welcomed Dan from West Sac. This now means that McRunner Chris is no longer our only person from West Sac. What this means for the rest of us on the other side of the river is we are being infiltrated by the 530. Or shall I say #5Free0

Today’s workout featured 2 things, lot’s of rain and professional photography. Yep, photos of our workout will be uploaded at a later date but they’ll be legit. This weekend or early next week, we’ll be able to show proof of our Deck of Cards workout with great style. 10 rounds of Mountain Climbers, Lunges, and Crunches with the card face value representing the reps.

4 Aces by Sarah Green was the winning hand today, which enabled her to pass along an additional 25 reps to the rest of the group.



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