This is Katie from the ‘cho


Name: Katie

Twitter: @WholeHeartRuner

Instagram: @WholeHeartedRunner – but I have to know you to add you 🙂

Originally from …. Born in Sacramento, CA but moved up and down the west coast as a kid.

How I found 9RUN6 … I met Hayley through MegsMiles, a memorial run that spread across the country for a runner who was hit and killed  while on a run by a drunk driver. Hayley invited me to 9Run6 while we were running our memorial miles.

What 9RUN6 means to me … family.., 9Run6 had been super supportive, and not judgemental, of not only my running career but my personal success as well. When my husband was diagnosed with diabetes late last year, my world was rocked to its core and my running suffered. It meant so much to me to have the support of 9Run6 during that period of my life; encouraging texts, running with me on the marathon, letting me know that it would be ok. Even now they all check in on my husband and comment how well he is doing with his weight loss journey. I’ve never been the one who needed others in order to get my workout/run on, but having such a supportive group of like minded people is amazing! I love Wednesday mornings!

Favorite race distance … 1/2 marathon, but full Marathons are a close 2nd – I like a challenge..

Favorite race I have ran … Ragnar Trail Relay

Top race on my bucket list is … London Marathon or Honolulu  marathon or a 1/2 Iron Man

Favorite musical artist and song … pretty much anything country 🙂

A little more awesome stuff about me … I used to weigh 288 pounds 🙂 I hated running as a kid and still am not a fan of walking long distances 🙂 I have completed one triathlon (and would like to do more), a 50k (because it was my birthday we ran 33 miles…) and I like cycling with my husband. I’m also a published author and have a side online business where I sell paper based materials for speech and language therapy.

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