Get to know Alexia…


Name: Alexia Poon

Twitter: @alexiaRUNS

Instagram: @alexiaRUNS

Originally from …. Sacramento a.k.a. SACTOWN

How I found 9RUN6 … I found 9RUN6 through Chris Malenab! The two of us coached together at Delta College and he introduced me to this awesome group!

What 9RUN6 means to me … 9RUN6 is more than just a running/fitness group… 9RUN6 is a group of individuals that are like family to me. They support, inspire, motivate, and encourage me along with everyone else in the group to be the best we can be. I do not think I would be the runner I am if I did not have 9RUN6.

Favorite race distance … 13.1, I am only half crazy

Favorite race I have ran … San Francisco Nike Women’s Half Marathon 2014

Top race on my bucket list is … California International Marathon

Favorite musical artist and song … T-Swift, The Biebs/ Blank Space

A little more awesome stuff about me … I am a 24 year-old collegiate women’s soccer coach that loves the game. I will be completing my Master’s of Kinesiology in June 2016 which will be one of my biggest  accomplishment. I love living a healthy lifestyle aside from all of all the cookies and chocolate that I eat. Lastly, I met my boo at 9RUN6!

Alexia and her boo …

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