Let’s throw dice 

  The crew came out strong again today, except we were missing one familiar face … If you happen to see Run BMC please return him to the west steps on Wednesday and Friday mornings. 
The typical runs started off the morning with the two groups meeting at 5:30 and 6:00am. Though this morning we were treated with a revisit by a former regular who is going to be back in full force with us … Yup David is back! 


With 6:25 rolling around it was time to throw down some dice … A new workout prop that had two groups throwing down dice to equal a certain workout and rep count. 

For example throw a snake eyes (2 = 1 on each dice) and the group was treated to 200 jumping jacks. Each number had a various movement, most of them being legs so it was a treat to get push-ups or crunches. One group seemed to get plenty of mountain climbers while another group busted out plenty of star jumps. After each exercise was a short out and back run. 

With 30 minutes of pouring liquid awesome and wobbly legs it was time to call it a day with this group of awesome individuals. 

Have a kick ass Wednesday and see you all on Friday.  

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