Project 30 … Let’s get there

Bring yourself back to the good old days of elementary school. Specifically when you had the opportunity to get out of the classroom and run the mile. Most classrooms had about 30 kids in your elementary class. The teacher would line everyone up for a “start” line and everyone would take off running. Some kids took off while others were towards the end, but in the end there was very little open space between each kid running, maybe a couple of yards and even some groups running alongside each other. The gap was minimal and everyone had someone to chase in front of them.

Now lets translate this to 9RUN6, if we get 30 people out to a single workout this is what it would look like. Little gaps between each person who comes out is the goal. This keeps the group together, competitive, but also leaves no one behind.

Currently we have about 15 regulars who come out to either a Wednesday or Friday. Now if everyone brought out 1 -2 people each on a regular basis we could achieve the goal of 30 people at each workout. Then once we get 30 regular faces out to these workouts, then we can talk about that 100 person verbal that I have made.

For the newbies … 100 people at one workout equates to me getting the 9RUN6 tattoo.

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