I didn’t choose 9RUN6, 9RUN6 chose me


Yes we are referring to the famous words of Tupac … well he actually said:

I Didn’t Choose The Thug Life, The Thug Life Chose Me

We are primarily speaking of the enjoyment of the 9RUN6 as a group, from workouts to everything else that comes with 9RUN6. Many have become the closest of friends … I mean we have seen a 9RUN6 wedding … We have even witnessed the creation of a couple through 9RUN6 …

Anyways today was about Sparta and Sprints … we hauled ass after breaking down our legs and loved it! So the Sparta part of the workouts is as follows, and done as quickly as possible:

  • 50 jump squats
  • 50 push-ups
  • 50 leg lifts
  • 100 lunges
  • 50 tricep dips

Each exercise was followed by a run about 1/10 of a mile.

Once everyone was done it was partner sprints with a line drill style of increasing distances.

With the workout complete the peeps headed their different directions and started their days.

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