April Fools … We didn’t do the levee


The morning group continues to be awesome, we saw the return of the two Brads. Prior to the 6:00AM group, the two of them gathered to talk and say hello, but I think they were discussing how awesome their name is to one another. It probably went something like this …

NB: Good morning Brad.

OB: What’s up playa. By the way did you know you have an awesome name?

NB: You know what my name is pretty awesome, so is yours.

OB: My name isn’t awesome it is gangsta … that’s how I roll … actually, our names are beyond gangsta, there really isn’t a way to describe it’s awesomeness.

The 6:25AM destination workout was announced to be at the levee on the East side of the river near the Tower Bridge, but since the dude who wanted to lead that workout couldn’t make it … we moved it to somewhere else for the workout.

The workout was held across the street from the west steps of the Capitol building, where we did 10 rounds of deck of cards. Today’s winner with the best poker hand was Brad … the Gangsta Brad … the OG of the Brad dynamic duo.

With the workout completed, the crew made their way to start of their Friday.

Have an awesome kick ass Friday everyone!

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