When 2 Brads Collide


Sometimes we get people with the same name come through like Chris and Chris … When that happened one became known as his Twitter handle McRunner … Today we had 2 Brads at the workout … one was a newbie the other has been with us for a long time … So we temporarily named them as NB and OB … short for new Brad and old Brad.

We had a strong showing with our 5:30AM and 6:00AM groups … but were sad when Ethlexia (2 people Ethan and Alexia), Sarah and Rebeca left just before the 6:25AM west steps group. However, we were excited when a couple other faces joined us on the steps … so we lost a few but gained a couple more when the groups shifted from just running to the ping pong ball workout.

For those that haven’t had the luxury of doing the ping pong ball workout … we grab a ball by random, throw it down then grab another out of the air … each ball is marked with rep count and exercise … after each round we do a lap around the west lawn then repeat this … the workout goes for about 20 minutes …

When the ping pong ball workout is completed, we moved into our sprints which have been included in the Wednesday workout … the squad pushed hard leaving some people exhausted … just look at this photo of Brad …


Happy Wednesday everyone and keep it gangsta!

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