Shakem up, shakem up, shakem

12472465_677656082337013_6737449501596041069_n.jpgThe squad came in full strength this morning as we gathered for the 5:30, 6 and 6:25AM group runs and workout at the West Steps.

The workout on the steps started off with the dice workout, where the number rolled made equaled to various exercises that were predetermined on a sheet. The group was broken up into 2 groups, one group of 5 and another group of 6 … what the dice showed had folks huffing and puffing through the exercises that included a short out and back from from the steps to the sidewalk pillars.

When the dice throwing was completed, it was time for some sprints. Sprints have been the latest addition to Wednesday mornings. The sprints really get the folks going FASSSSST! So fast that our resident ogre crushes them while Old Brad needed time to sit down on the bench before the group photo took place! Check the photo above where Old Brad looks like he could barely stand.

Hope everyone had a kick ass Wednesday.

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