Hop … hop … scotch


This morning the crew gathered at the normal 5:30 & 6AM times for the run only groups at the corner of 10th & N Street. After those groups gathered then it was time to emerge onto the West Steps for today’s 6:25AM workout.

Today’s morning workout was a new one lead by the original bad-ass herself Katie. She laid our hopscotch layouts for two teams to divide into and pull out some sort of exercises. The workout went like this … you threw a rock down and whichever it landed on is the exercise that was performed, each movement was done in reps of 20. After each round a run around the west lawn was done then back at throwing down some rocks.

With the hopscotch done, it was time for some Wednesday morning sprint work! Folks are getting faster and goals are being set, we even heard chatter about folks running their first half marathon!

Have a kick ass Wednesday and see you on Friday!

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