mmmbop …

What up peeps … well it’s Friday … so that meant we had to go somewhere after the 5:30AM and 6:00AM groups got their run in and some interesting events took place … someone might or might not have been splashed by coffee by a non-9RUN6’er.

Run BMC was in charge of today’s Friday workout and after meeting at the West Steps at 6:25AM he took us what seemed to be 100 miles to get to, we ended up on the West Sacramento side of the river along the River Walk where some stairs were awaiting us.

The workout today included 15 pushups, 15 lunges (each leg), a 20 second plank hold, followed by a set of stairs … the exercises were repeated at the top of the stairs and at the bottom of the stairs … BMC had the idea of us doing a set of 10 … with one set up and one down being 1 rep … so yes the idea would have been to complete 300 push ups, and 300 lunges along with the planks … no one came close to hitting the 10 sets, because BMC set unrealistic goals. He set us up for failure… Yes, I was thinking the same thing … BMC is kind of an asshole. Just kidding Brian we kind of like you, sometimes.

After the workout, we had to push another 1 mile to get to the Capitol before our day of adulting started… yea that think we call work.

Hope everyone has a kick ass weekend and don’t forget to come out tomorrow to cheer on those partaking in the adult beverage mile at Raley Field.


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