It’s not our fault you ran out of talent

Damn that workout was solid and kicked our asses! The morning run groups started off strong … I mean like 15 people deep strong … one of our biggest run groups … possibly the biggest run groups we have ever had.

With the run out of the way, it was time to get our workout on. You know the workout is gonna be awesome when we have to do a demo before the workout takes place so we can do it correctly.

The workout is a version of the Bojan (named after one of the November Project Co-Founders). One partner gets up in downward dog position, while the other partner crawls under, once through, that same person jumps over the partner who goes down in a push-up position. This is repeated 10x, after the 10th rep, that same person does a run out and back (about 50 yards each way).

This was done until each person performed 3 sets … let’s put it this way the workout was pretty challenging that people had to take a break between sets …

After the Bojan, we did 50s that included 50 step ups (each leg), 50 leg lifts, 50 squats and 50 jumping jacks… Just when we thought we were done … NOPE! It’s Wednesday … so we had to end it with some sprints.


Visit and invite all of your friends to Global Running Day on Wednesday June 1.


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