So every now and then we like to challenge one another with our workouts … but DAMN! Today’s workout did just that and more …

Before the 6:25AM workout group, we did the normal 10th & N St meet ups, we even had a new face to the squad this morning joining us at 6AM. Welcome, Melanie to the group, she found us by Googling Sacramento rabbit hole or something like that … not really … but apparently it took her some time to find a free running group in Sacramento … then she found us …

Anyways, we did another partner based workout and it was challenging … we allot 35 minutes to the workout and this one would push the 35 minutes to see if any set of partners would actually be able to finish it. A couple of the groups got really close, but still couldn’t finish off the morning challenge.

The workout looked like this …

Partner A Partner B
20 Burpees & Sprint Out & Back Tree Sit
20 Squat Jumps & Sprint Out & Back Push Ups
20 Lunges Each Leg & Sprint Out & Back Jumping Jacks
20 Leg Lifts & Sprint Out & Back Plank

Each set of partners would complete the exercises three times before moving onto the next set. The out and back sprint was about 30 yards each way, but after crushing the legs, it seemed like the distance was a mile out.

When 7AM hit, the workout was OVER!

Scoreboard … WORKOUT 1 Groups finished 0 …

Nonetheless, everyone got their workout in and became stronger and fitter by getting their asses out of bed and made their way out to the west steps …

As the saying goes … Did Not Finish trumps Did Not Start … great job everyone and have a kick ass hump day.


HOME WORK ALERT... We need some songs for our playlist for workouts … list some songs and the artist in the comments below …

3 thoughts on “DAMN.THAT.WORKOUT.

  1. Kaila Kilwein May 18, 2016 / 10:09 am

    Even though everyone was not having my Pandora station preference today…I’m still going to make my requests 🙂

    1. Stole the show – Kygo
    2. Can’t Stop The Feeling – JT
    3. Formation – Beyonce aka Queen Bee
    4. Wild things – Alessia Cara
    5. I like tuh – Carnage
    6. I know what you did last summer – Shawn Mendes
    7. Zero – Chris Brown
    8. Coming Over – James Hersey
    9. House Party – Sam Hunt
    10. What do you mean – Beibs


  2. thewholeheartedrunner May 19, 2016 / 3:28 pm

    Let’s see if these make it lol!

    Me Without You-Toby Mac

    Doin’ Country Right-David Fanning

    Smack Dab – Chasin’ Crazy

    Start a Fire – Unspoken

    Party Like You- The Cadillac Three

    Clint Eastwood – Jessie James Decker

    Homegrown- Zac Brown Band

    Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars

    Honey I’m Good – Andy Grammar

    Lose My Mind- Bret Eldredge


  3. Dan Redmond May 19, 2016 / 5:01 pm

    Kick Push. Lupe Fiasco
    I Can. Nas
    Till I Collapse. Eminem
    Welcome Back. Mase
    F**kin’ Problems. ASAP Rocky (haha)


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