And Another One

So we came out again with a pretty aggressive workout today. The crew first showed up to the normal run only groups starting at 5:30AM, then again at 6AM at the corner of 10th & N Street. With the miles logged, the crew then gathered at 6:25AM for the Wednesday West Steps workout … Today was a hard one … I mean a really hard one … that’s what she said

For some reason we have started to enjoy workouts that are pretty tough that no one can complete them in the allotted 35 minutes. We kill all workouts at 7AM on the dot. If the workout isn’t completed, there is no overtime or extra work … it is what it is, and we are okay with not being able to finish it. There is some sort of thrill that takes place doing this.

Yes, the awesome 9RUN6 peeps love going into workouts knowing that we probably won’t be able to get all the way through it. It isn’t failing; it is rather busting our asses to work as fast and hard as possible to see how much of the workout we can get done.

The morning workout was a tag team workout again, where people partner up and do different exercises. Person A does one workout until completed, while Person B does another movement awaiting for A to finish their exercises. Today’s workout looked like this …

Person A Person B Sets
Run – 15 push ups – Run Back Plank jacks 3
Run out – walking lunge back 5 squats, 5 squat jumps repeated 2
Run out – traveling burpees back Plank shoulder taps 2
Run out – Run Back V-ups 3


The first round was pretty simple and completed fairly quickly, the second round took longer with the lunges but damn doing lunges for about 60 yards was a task! Then came round 3 … this one was really tough. A traveling burpee involves a normal burpee, but rather than jumping up, we jumped out … think broad jump … The fourth round became a race as groups that got there tried to race the clock to finish the workout, however not one group was able to get through all three sets. Some groups got really close, but today involved another DID NOT FINISH!


We did not finish, and F@#$ing LOVED IT! YES! Read it again, all got a DNF but LOVED THE CRAP OUT OF IT!


Have a good Wednesday everyone … you all crushed through a tough workout, but did more work than most people do in a weeks worth of workouts. BE F@#$ING PROUD OF YOURSELVES!

See all of you Friday AM for another destination Friday workout that will push you to your limits.

Also don’t forget next Wednesday is a run only workout as we celebrate Global Running Day. Invite all of your friends to come join us by visiting the link below …

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