Come Celebrate Global Running Day with 9RUN6


Tomorrow, June 1, 2016 is Global Running Day, where millions of people pledge to run miles as they share their passion for the sport and inspire others to get moving. It’s really simple just go out for a lap or for some miles it doesn’t matter, the whole idea is to be active on June 1. For those of you that think I might need some motivation to get up in the morning before the evening heat makes it’s presence felt in Sacramento, come join us for a group run. Join us for one, two or 3 of the groups that start as early as 5:30AM.

The schedule for tomorrow morning’s 9RUN6 Wednesday workout looks like this …

5:30AM – meet at 10th & N Street

6:00AM – meet at 10th & N Street

6:25AM – meet on the West Steps of the Capitol

Rather that our really heart pounding workouts typically done on Wednesday, tomorrow will be an all run only workout! We might mix in some sprints 🙂 it is Wednesday after all. But tomorrow our goal is to just get out and run and share our passion for running with others, there might some random high-5s thrown out as we celebrate with other runners around the downtown area.

Just be there!

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