Celebrating Global Running Day

We are runners. We have good runs and touch runs; on days and off days; weeks of incredible progress and weeks of falling behind schedule. But we will never have a bad run because there is no such thing. Every run is a blessing. Every single run is a blessing and a we are proud of every run we do – fast, slow, long, or unexpectedly short, simply because we did it!

Today we came out and celebrated with old friends and new friends by just running. Nothing fancy with a workout, but simply just running! The 5:30AM group, the 6:00AM, and 6:25AM groups all did something special today … we got out and run to share our passion for something we are all blessed to do.

The first two groups gathered at the 10th & N Street corner to start our group runs, where we ventured around downtown and Old Sacramento.

With the gathering of folks on the West Steps it was time to share the running through the 9RUN6 5k, nearly 3 full laps around the Capitol starting from the corner of 10th & N Street then moving around until the 3rd lap finishes at the West Steps. Some people raced and other just ran … yes, we just ran today, cheering one another on and creating a spirit tunnel for the runners to go through.

As we celebrate Global Running Day, remember why we run, it isn’t because we want to be other runners, but because we enjoy being active and the community in which we have become part of, the friendships we have built and the memories we create with each step and mile we complete on our runs.

Have a great day everyone and continue to be awesome today and every day we are blessed to go out for a run!

What is your best running memory? What got you to start running?

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