HBD Katie … Workouts are more than work … they are fun!

During today’s morning workout, we had some fun and played while getting fit! We also celebrated Katie‘s birthday. We love it when members of the 9RUN6 fam make it a point to come to a workout as part of their celebration for their birthday.

We typically theme the workout around the age that someone is turning for our birthday workouts, however today was different for a couple of reasons. Katie doesn’t typically attend Friday workouts, due to work. However, this morning she made it a point to attend. With that being said we didn’t have time or the knowledge that she was going to attend until the last minute. I think this was done as a surprise so that we couldn’t configure some sort of difficult workout based on her age. For Katie it was a little different because she already has a workout themed for her. It is called the #ThanksKatie workout. The workout consist of a ladder workout where we start at 1 set of runs then workout up to 12 broad jumps and work back down with each number between 1 through 12 being a different exercise.

the #ThanksKatie workout

17 peeps came out to celebrate and join in on the fun. Along with the liquid awesome pouring aka sweat dripping, there was a lot of fun conversation and welcoming of new faces from the Fitfam6 crew, along with the regular David we saw his kids and wife (Paula) out there today. So Paula has earned her right to get a shirt tagged … now if she would only bring one. On a side note, we (I) question how much Paula really runs, because her shoes are so clean (see photo below) … jk …

why are Paula’s running shoes so clean? She needs to workout more 🙂

After the workout, we headed over from the IMAX theater area to the nearby Starbucks for a cup of coffee and tea. Our time together is more than just working out it is a celebration on occasion because we do have fun and enjoy each others company.

During the walk back to where most people park their cars near the running group meet up location of 10th & N Street, the idea of having some brunch after a workout was thrown around … so be on the look out for an upcoming event called “Burpees, Beer and Brunch” … of course this event wouldn’t be limited to beer … I mean any beverage would be approved.

Awesome job today everyone! Good luck to everyone running a race this weekend. If you’re not racing, then enjoy your weekend with a run.

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