Sacramento is a place to work, live and PLAY

9RUN6 is more than just a fitness group or another running group. We like to have fun at our workouts and have created some long lasting friendships. We contribute to helping Sacramento a better place to live, work and PLAY. Yes, we like to play during our workouts. From running the streets of downtown with sub groups making excursions to trail running on the weekends and grabbing a beer at local breweries like Yolo Brewing Company, we enjoy what Sacramento has to offer.

All of us work here in the Sacramento area, we all live here in the region and we come together on Wednesday and Friday mornings and sometimes on Saturdays and Sundays to PLAY.

When Wednesday and Friday mornings come around there are a few times where the snooze button is hit, we look forward to getting out with our friends at 5:30AM, 6AM and 6:25AM at the corner of 10th & N Street, the West Steps or some other various locations around the downtown Sacramento area.

This morning was one of those mornings where we gathered and played … Again … yes, running and working out it playing for us!

The workout this morning was a new version of deck of cards. Each card had a various movement on it from traveling burpees, to lunges to the oh so dreaded Bojan. When someone pulled a Bojan, everyone stopped their current movement grabbed a partner and did 10 under and overs while the other person was going from downward dog to push up position.

So I challenge all of you who have not come out to a workout or a run to come out and PLAY with us. Give it a chance, if you don’t enjoy yourself then it is on you 🙂 because we love to have fun.

Be part of something here in Sacramento that makes our beautiful city a better place to live, work and PLAY.

Oh and today’s workout was so awesome that one of Katie’s contact lenses decided to pop out of her eyeball to join in on the workout.


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