Let’s Run Stairs They Said …

It started with a special request last week on our 9RUN6 Facebook Page by Kaila, where she asked if we could do some stairs. So like any other workouts we like to help cater to the group.

So yesterday this photo came out onto our Facebook and Twitter post …


After the 5:30 and 6AM run groups, we met at the west steps and then headed over to the controversial steps at the Sacramento Convention Center that are closest to the loading dock area. The reason they are “controversial” is because sometime last year, we were kicked off the stairs and Brad 1.0 got a little heated ending our workout yelling the words to the guy who asked us to leave with “You’re a liability”.

The workout was simple in theory … 20 minutes of going up sets of stairs to just go back down them, then repeat. The first grumbling of the workout was by Kaila who asked for stairs … after some quick banter, the workout began.

At some point during the workout, she diapered, we thought maybe to get some Starbucks for the group, but that wasn’t the case. She just had to go do stuff.

We continued to go up and down, up and down the stairs until the 20 minutes were completed. With sore quads and calves, the crew made it back to the West Steps where we wished one another good jobs and have a great weekend.

If you want to know why running stairs is a good workout, check out this Runner’s World article from 2014. CLICK HERE.


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