Special Weekend Edition – Hill Sprints

So rarely does the group gather on weekends, but today was a little different. It started off with people planning on doing some hill sprints which created for a group wide post on the Facebook machine as a call to action for anyone interested in coming out for a workout.

Today we some regular faces of 9RUN6 and then also welcomed a new face to the group, welcome Kalliah!

When 7AM rolled out, I said to the group that gathered at the Big Lots Parking Lot in the College Glen neighborhood of Sacramento, let’s roll, too bad for anyone late. We made our way up over the Watt Ave. American River Bridge onto the north side of the American River for a 2 mile warm-up, going out 1 mile on the paved surface and returning back on the horse trails just to mix it up.

After getting back to the south side of the American River it was time for 15 hill sprints. The group divided up into 2 groups alternating turns to allow for more room up the hill and for more recovery time. The sprint was about 15-20 seconds long, which is perfect for hill sprint workouts.

As the sprints started to make our legs wobble and our heads hurt to keep track of the sprints, we used pebbles and rocks from around the river to count the number of sprints completed.

With 15 sprints done it was time for a cool down, we opted to do 5 minutes easy out and 5 minutes easy back staying on the south side of the river.

All in all an awesome workout to start off the Saturday morning and weekend. Perhaps more weekend workout meet ups might be in store. Maybe even ones that include beverages and brunch, post workout. Stay tuned.

Oh and if you haven’t heard we have been nominated for Sacramento A-List Best of … Best Boot Camp. So PLEASE PLEASE give us a vote! Click on the badge below, and if you are willing share it with all of your friends!

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