We are pretty damn awesome

When Wednesday rolls around, we get excited for the 5:30,6 and 6:25AM times to come. Not only do awesome things happen during the workout because everyone pushes through the workouts, but awesome shit happens too! Like handstands … not everyone but we did have someone pull off a handstand. Kalliah who joined us for the Saturday 9RUN6 special edition, made her first Wednesday workout showing that she was a boss and did handstand shoulder taps.

The workout started off with the first group throwing down 3.4 miles, which was beast mode style for this group, who usually gets just under 3 miles. However, today we threw down the hammer and smashed the run and got 3.4 miles in.

With McRunner joining the group before we picked him up at the Tower Bridge, the 6AM group got our self to a different route getting in about 2 miles.

Then here we were at the 6:25AM on the West Steps where we ended up doing the deck of cards workout from hell! This is where each card has a different exercise and rep count written on them. From traveling burpees to jumping jacks and everything in between, the 9RUN6 peeps crushed it for 30 minutes.

To close off the workout, it was a Wednesday Sprint Day type of day with 4 hard sprints around the West Lawn. Damn these awesome folks did some work and left that shit on the pavement.

Good job everyone and see you on Friday!

Don’t forget to vote for 9RUN6 in the Sacramento A-List Best Boot Camp category.  To vote just CLICK HERE.

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