9RUN6: Best Boot Camp Nominee


You’ve seen the Facebook post, the Twitter feed and the Instagram photo. We need your help to make us #1 in the Sacramento A-List Best Boot Camp voting. We are currently in third (3rd) place in the voting.

Why is it that your vote is important? Well first of all, let’s use the cliche, “Every vote counts”. Another reason that your vote counts, is that we need to help share the message that fitness doesn’t have to cost us anything. A healthy lifestyle is a choice and shouldn’t cost extra to just get out and enjoy fitness.

9RUN6 is the only FREE fitness group in the running. All of the other groups, which are awesome as well do cost some bucks. We understand you get what you pay for, however this is something different because the free fitness movement is about helping others get motivated without costing you anything but your time to wake up and get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Inspired and once part of the November Project, and continually influenced by the Brogan and Bojan (co-founders of November Project), 9RUN6 is on a mission to help Sacramento be a better place to Live, Work and PLAY! We like to influence the Live and Play portions of that statement. We take pride in Sacramento with our word play of the group name derived from the NINE ONE SIX area code. We just replaced the ONE with RUN. We don’t only run but we involve various forms of fitness in the groups and we have fun doing it!

9RUN6 has brought together so many strangers together, making them the closest of friends. We have over 300 likes on Facebook, over 600 followers on Twitter and the same on Instagram. All we are asking for is for people who support the FREE FITNESS movement to give us a vote in the Sacramento A-List voting which goes until the end of August.

Please take a moment of your time and CLICK HERE to vote for 9RUN6 in the Best Boot Camp category.



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