Back to where it started

This morning, was not the only first Monday workout of the new schedule, but it is also a familiar place to a very few members of the 9RUN6 community. Meeting at the McKinley Park Library sign is where it all started back in January of 2014.

The environment was also very similar to that of the first few months of 9RUN6, when I would show up not knowing who all would be there at each of the start times. Not doubting the 9RUN6 folks, but just uncertainty of a new / change / adding of location.

I mean if you follow Kristin on Strava … you saw that our regular folks even forgot where the Monday workouts are … I speculate it will take a few meetings before people get to regularly start showing up to the #MondayMcKinley meet ups.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 9.38.49 AM

Today we came 3 people strong! No matter the size of the crew it is still fun and full of chatter. Expect Monday’s to be more chatter influenced because it is about getting in some easy, miles then spending 15 minutes or so stretching as a group. I mean let’s be honest people don’t stretch enough, and by doing as part of our workout then we are forced to do it.

Wondering what today’s workout looked like? This will be very similar for most Mondays …

5:30AM start – 3ish miles

6:00AM start – 2+ish miles

6:25AM start – 2 miles followed by a routine of stretches

So who is with us for Next Monday? wait … we still have Wednesday, Friday and Saturday meet up workouts this week! See you at the corner of 10th & N Street / West Steps on Wednesday.

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