It’s in the core …

Sometimes we like to eat some humble pie to start off the weekend, it could be a slice or a whole pie at times. This morning was one of those workouts where everyone was like WTF?!?!?! … even before the workout started.

The workout today was supposed to be a total of 500 reps per person, as part of a partner workout, so yes 1,000 reps per group … 100 reps of the following exercises; push-ups, sit ups, leg lifts, lunges and squats. Most groups got to 300 reps, or 600 reps per group.

While one person was getting their strength workout on the other person was running laps around the round-a-bout on Capitol Mall. It was pretty awesome running around cheering one another on who were getting their rep counts on.

To close out the workout a couple kids in the group got some shit tagged today as they conquer the Fro-Yo run tomorrow, both Steven and Ernesto are going to be hitting up the run in West Sacramento with goals of their own. Steven is running both the 10k and the 5k, so running an unofficial 15k. While Ernesto has the lofty goal of running a personal best time in the 5k. We wish both of them luck in hopes to crush their goals, because we want everyone to set up their goals and crush them.

Reminder for those of you not racing tomorrow, we have our Saturday morning long run meet up group at 7AM. Tomorrow we will be meeting up a the same location as the previous two weekends at the Big Lots parking lot located at 8700 La Riviera Dr Sacramento. 


We are starting a plank-a-day challenge. The rules are simple … just plank every day and log it on the website. There is no minimum time required to plank, but we hope to see an increase in duration on how long you can plank for as the time passes over the course of days, weeks, and months. See how many days in a row you can get your plank in.

You can record your plank by visiting or by clicking on the 9RUN6 Challenge tab each day.

Get planking!


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