Get outside that (comfort) zone

At 9RUN6 we like to push ourselves in various ways, sometimes it is as simple as getting up earlier that normal, running an extra quarter mile, running a set distance faster, or doing workouts that involve other people, like buddy workouts, where there is a lot of interaction during the workout. Like high-fives and assisted squats and jumping over one another in the form of a leap frog.

This morning we welcomed a new face to the group, Adam from Elk Grove. He came out 6 minutes late to the 5:30AM group so he was SOL when it comes to getting with the group in for that run, however he was able to connect with us at 10th & N Street for the 6:00AM group and joined us for the 6:25AM West Steps workout. He connected with probably one of the better people to be around for a first workout, that being Brad 1.0. Brad is a good dude who will take newbies under his wing to welcome them to the group. Not that we aren’t all good people, but he just isn’t so in your face like ummm me … actually it is probably pretty good to do a partner workout with anyone but me, when speaking of your first workout with 9RUN6, because let’s be honest, I probably can scare a few people away with my overly energetic welcoming to the group.

When it comes to pushing yourself, you have to put yourself out there. We can all want to be comfortable when it comes to working out, and for some days it is needed, but if you really want to feel the workout or see growth, mixing in something that will push you and make you feel like you want to quit is good for you. We all talk about taking on challenges whether that be in athletic performance or in life, however sometimes we don’t do enough to move outside of our own comfort zones. When you can start to escape your comfort zone, that is where awesome really happens.

It isn’t something we always think about or are willing to do, but we need to express ourselves more, not to show anyone else what we are capable of but to remind ourselves how awesome each individual is. At 9RUN6 we cary a wide array of people from front of the pack runners, middle of the pack, back of the pack, and just to stay fit folks. However, no one is in competition with one another, because at the end of the day we all want to see one another make it. I know it sounds crazy and maybe at times too good to be true, but 9RUN6 also provides us a reminder that there are good people out there in our communities, even with all of the craziness that goes on in our everyday life. We take ownership in one another’s goals, because if someone doesn’t make, as a group we feel a little more responsible on why that person didn’t hit their goal(s).

Often times we mistake easy / recovery days with comfortable. Not in the sense of comfortable running, but being too comfortable in our daily routine. When comfortable becomes too routine, then true awesomeness stops. It’s not that you are no longer awesome, but we all know there is a little more awesome placed inside each one of us.

Sometimes achieving awesome is what our real fear is, not the fear of failure, but the fear of raising the bar too high where maybe getting there again may not be as easy as it was the first time.

So today’s question … what is the road block you have or face that prevents you from reach that next level of awesomeness?

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