The votes are in! Sacramento A-List results

Thank you to everyone that voted for the Best Boot Camp in the Sacramento A-List voting. 9RUN6 steadily moved up the rankings and moved around the top 3 within the last week or so during the voting period.

Today the winners were announced with 9RUN6 finishing in the 3rd spot of the recognized top 5 in the category.

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 1.13.14 PM.png

We are excited to see our friends take the time to vote through the website and get our name out there. Hopefully this will help us attract some new members to the squad as well as encourage more folks to vote next year as we attempt to bring our “A-game” and take first place. Right now we are content with finishing third place in the voting as it is our first year in listing.

What is awesome is that we are the only completely FREE group in the voting. Help us out by sharing how awesome YOUR crew did in the voting … now we are legit, how about we get out and invite some folks to join the squad!

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