What we do defines us …

9RUN6 isn’t us. Each individual just happens to choose to be 9RUN6. 9RUN6 is something we do, but it doesn’t define us. However, what we do before, during and after 9RUN6 does.

Life is all about choices. We choose to wake up before the sun comes up. We choose to throw our running shoes on. We choose to show up and put our self out there, even if we are all at different fitness levels, and run at different paces. The commitment to being part of a group or community, the willingness to get up and be awesome, taking chances, not fearing failure is what does define us.

We could all be doing our own thing, but 9RUN6 brings people together to help motivate one another. The actions that we take and the message we share with other people is what continues to define us as individuals. When people come out to take a chance not knowing what the workout is until they show up, shows and proves these folks at 9RUN6 are not afraid of putting themselves out there and take chances. Sometimes the workouts are crazy and uncomfortable, but those things outside of our comfort zone are where amazing things happen.

This goes on into marathoning or running in general. We are categorized as runners or marathoners because of the fact that we put one foot in front of another training to be able to complete a set distance. We aren’t out to win, shit most people aren’t out to “win”, but are still winning in their own way. If everyone was out to win, then races would stop and individuals would pull out the moment that the first runner crosses the line or finishes a workout. So why even race? Well we race or workout not to be first against other people, but we race to win in our own race, the race of conquering the distance.

The ability to overcome set backs in training and non-desirable races speaks wonders about the individual. The challenge of a workout or a marathon or half marathon aren’t easy task, if they were easy they then everyone would be doing them. I know I am speaking to the choir, but as runners we often get the question are you going to win … however, many of us laugh or say no chance, but we should all be saying YES I AM GOING TO WIN. I might not come in first place overall, but I am going to WIN!

Even when we don’t have our best time in a race, we still WON! By being committed to training and getting ourselves out the door we have already taken the steps to winning. Everyday good, bad or in different it is important we enjoy the challenges of training.

So get out and WIN this weekend!

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