It’s Fall … Things to keep in mind …

So when the fall season comes around, that means more running … specifically in races … with that being said we want to give you some friendly reminders when race day and weekend come around …

  1. Enjoy the day and each moment it has to offer.
  2. Smile, especially at the finish line.
  3. Don’t be an asshole towards others, you are the one who signed up for it!
  4. Give High-5s! knuckle bumps or whatever comes your way.
  5. Say thank you to the volunteers and police officers along the course, they don’t have to be out there.
  6. Say hello to other runners.
  7. If you see someone struggling ask them if they need help.
  8. Don’t litter on the course.
  9. Be nice … yes it’s important not to be an asshole! See #3
  10. Look both ways before shooting a snot rocket.
  11. Celebrate your finish! You worked hard to get there.
  12. Accept the fact that race day, might not be your day. You might find yourself struggling or having a DNF (Did no finish) … It happens, don’t over think it, just plan for your next one.
  13. And most importantly … Don’t be an asshole on race day … see #3 and #9 as other reminders …

What other reminders did we leave off of the list? Share them in the comments below … 

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